Big Day Quest for 100 species of birds
in the Chautauqua-Allegheny Region
May 19, 2018

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      You will be in the company of expert guides with decades of experience birding in the region, who will put the            following factors to work to make for an outstanding, memorable day in the field whether you are a beginning  or experienced birder.

  • Avian diversity in our area explodes in mid- to late-May as Neotropical migrants such as  warblers, vireos and flycatchers, arrive to rest and refuel on their northward migrations. It is not unreasonable to expect to see 100 species in a day at this time of year; that is our goal for you.

  • North meets south in the Chautauqua-Allegheny region. The jarring transition zone between the Lake Erie shore and the Allegheny Plateau along the Chautauqua Ridge, makes it quite possible to see, for example, a southern Red-bellied Woodpecker and a northern Canada Warbler in the same morning.

  • Birds in the hand – Your day will include a bird banding demonstration. Bird banding is a scientific enterprise in which licensed experts capture, examine, place a tiny leg band, and release birds back into the wild in order to better understand them.  Being there makes it possible to see and appreciate the beauty of a bird in a way that watching them from afar simply can’t match.

      We'll start at sunrise and go until sunset and hit as many forest, wetland, field, second growth hotspots as                    possible. Our team of guides will do a lot of field work prior to this day to make sure we have a very good idea of        what we should see and hear at each carefully selected point along the route. 
Questions can be sent to [email protected] or (716) 499-9077.